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Tommy H. Hyndman
Auld Haa House
Fair Isle, Shetland Islands ZE2 9JU
Tel +44 (0)11 44 1595 760 349


The Auld Haa is close to the Museum, the South Harbor all waiting to be explored. In view off the South Lighthouse, built by Stevenson in 1892, the light shines in the window at night. Make sure to find time to golf the humble but challenging Fair Isle Lighthouse Keepers Golf Course, Watch a few and make a few birdies at the same time. The Auld Haa has great views from the front garden, made even more amazing if you have the chance to see whales or a rare bird species.  Keep a lookout for passing ships as Gannets plunge into the shimmering Sea.

Two small but charming rooms with shared bath, access to the dining room,
living room Garden, SKY TV & Wireless Internet.

One large size bed in each room, very luxurious for one…

made to comfortably sleeps two.

♦ Price includes Breakfast, Pack Lunch, Dinner & Dessert ♦

 1 person - £75.00 1 room

2 persons - £125.00 1 room

Children welcome! Discount for Children under 15 years old. Special considerations made if possible. We have two rooms and a third room if necessary, to accommodate children, stranded day tripper and desperate birdwatchers when a rare bird is about... So even if it says we are booked, I may find a bed for you. So give Tommy a call. +44 (0)1595 760 349


Auld Haa Guesthouse, Fair Isle, Shetland Islands

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